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We are a world class organization providing leading edge technology and solutions. We have the highest quality standards and customer service and offer a comprehensive, turnkey approach to solving even the toughest design challenges. Whether your magnet application requires design and engineering, made to print capabilities, or a stock Ceramic, Alnico, Samarium Cobalt, or Neodymium magnet shape, we have the resources, experience, and ISO 9001:2008 quality standards needed to meet your specific needs and budget. Magnosphere is unequaled in expertise and experience and offers complete solutions to its valued customer's magnet needs. Our services are provided from the project inception and proposal all the way to implementation and successful completion.

Vertically Integrated Custom Magnet Manufacturers

We design, engineer, and manufacture mission-critical, technical custom magnets and magnetic assemblies.

Magnets for All Industries & Applications

We are a German and US-based magnet manufacturer serving customers worldwide. We provide magnets and more for companies in today's major markets, including the aerospace, energy, medical, R & D, and semiconductor industries. Send us a request to quote or contact us today to discuss your requirements for magnets and magnetic assemblies.


Magnosphere provides complete engineering support in permanent magnet circuit design and modeling, design for manufacturability, design to cost, tool design, and manufacturing engineering.

Quality Planning

Our operations methods sheets, gauging, statistical methods, and training are all built on a solid ISO:9001 based QMS.

Magnet Fabrication

Magnosphere fabricates magnets to virtually any shape and size specification, using in-house manufacturing facilities.

Magnetic Assembly

We manufacture all types of precision magnetic assemblies, including high speed rotors, MRI components, medical components and devices, sputtering magnetrons, Halbach systems, down-hole tool components, linear and rotating motor/alternator components, flight hardware components, and more. Our assembly facilities include Class 1000 cleanroom capabilities.

Total Magnetics Solutions

We are a vertically integrated magnet manufacturer, able to provide our customers with anything from a standard off the shelf magnet to custom magnets, custom magnetic assemblies, and sophisticated custom electrical machines. 

Strong Magnets (Rare Earth Magnets) and Magnet Material

Magnosphere stocks alnico magnets, bonded magnets, ceramic (ferrite) magnets, flexible rubber magnetsneodymium iron boron (NdFeb) magnets and samarium cobalt magnets along with magnetic material assemblies for fabrication and distribution. Many standard magnetic alloy materials, grades, and geometries (shapes) are available for immediate use. Magnosphere will also fabricate from inventoried permanent magnet materials to your specific requirements.

Diversity exists between the varieties of magnetic alloy materials and grades. Each permanent magnetic material has unique advantages and disadvantages. We suggest that you contact our customer support team so your application can be reviewed. We will then be able to select appropriate magnetic material for your application.
A brief description of commercially available magnetic materials is listed below. A more rigorous explanation and technical characteristics of the various magnetic alloy materials are available on their individual pages.

Custom Magnet and Magnetic Assembly Manufacturing

Magnosphere offers in-house manufacturing capabilities to take your prints and specifications for an engineered to order magnetic assembly or custom magnet from the drawing board to the production floor. From quick turn prototypes to large volume production runs, we have the equipment, technical expertise, strategic relationships  and trained personnel needed to manufacture custom magnets and magnetic assemblies to meet your specific application.

The magnet material used for your custom application may experience one or more of the following challenges:

  • Environmentally unstable (Highly reactive and prone to oxidation)
  • Gain or lose magnetic field relative to the operational temperature fluctuations
  • Can experience irreparable harm at extreme temperature exposures
  • Challenging to fabricate because conventional machine tools and machining methods are not feasible.
  • Challenging to design because the magnetic field density and force are not linear relative to distance.
  • Magnetic fields can create hazards for personal and some electronic equipment.
  • Magnet alloy is difficult to machine, so common methods of retainment such as tapped holes, shoulders, through holes, and tapers are expensive to employ.Magnos

Magnosphere online:

B2B: https://www.magnosphere.com or http://www.magno-world.com
B2C: www.magnosphere.co.uk and http://www.magno-tron.com

Magnosphere is represented in Europe, US and Asia

Magnosphere GmbH
Gierlichsstrasse 27
53840 Troisdorf

Tel: +49 2241.959450
Fax: +49 2241. 9594520

Email: info(at)magnosphere.com

Our German Team

Frank Eckard - CEO
Frank has the overall responsibility of the business. This includes the organic growth and health of the business and to improve on processes to better serve our customers!
Tel: +49.2241.959450
Fax: +49.2241.9594520
Email: fe(at)magnosphere.co.uk or  fe(at)magnosphere.de

Jakov Ramljak - Purchasing
He runs the technical and purchasing department. His most important tools are his technical and product knowledge to assure timely delivery!
Tel: +49.2241.9594511
Fax: +49.2241.9594520
Mob: +49.151.24181872
Email: jr(at)magnosphere.de

Mario Ramljak - Sales
Mario looks after your questions and inquiries every day. He will answer your questions deligent and timely!
Tel: +49.2241.9594510
Fax: +49.2241.9594520
Mob: +49.151.24165528
Email: mr(at)magnosphere.de

Michaela Apfelbaum - Finance Administration
Michaela will be happy to attend to all financial issues!
Tel: +49.2241.9594513
Fax: +49.2241.9594520
Email: finance(at)magnosphere.de

Brigitta Ernst - Customer Support
Brigitta is the right person to answer your everyday customer service questions!
Tel: +49.2241.9594516
Fax: +49.2241.9594520
Email: cs(at)magnosphere.de

Quality and Compliance

  • ISO 9001 Certificate (PDF)
  • AS9100D Certificate (PDF)
  • ITAR Compliant
  • RoHS

Who supplies high quality Supermagnets, Magnets and Magnet Material?

Magnosphere offers best priced Neodymium magnets globally to all industries, including Automotive, Aerospace, Military, Advertising, Design House, Electronic and Academic/R&D. Please inquire for custom Neodymium magnets or magnetic assembly.

Buy Magnets and Magnet Material at Magnosphere and get a better deal!

We can also custom manufacture these to fit your exact specifications using our in-house global manufacturing facilities and team of experienced engineers. Need high quantities of magnets at the lowest and fairest price possible? Just let us know what you are looking for and contact our Customer Care Team by sending us a request for quote! We'll work with you to determine the most economical way of providing you with what you need.



Magnosphere magnet products conform to the standards set forth in EU Directive 2002/95/EC, RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances), EU Directive 2002/96/EC (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals).. Magnosphere magnet products conform to the standards set forth in EU Directive 2002/95/EC, RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances), EU Directive 2002/96/EC (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals).


Strong Magnets (Rare Earth Magnets) and Magnet Material, Strong Neodymium Magnets