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We fabricate and custom-produce a comprehensive line of permanent magnets specific to design requirements in a number of vertical markets, including: aerospace & defense, medical devices and automotive.

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We manufacture the highest-quality flexible magnetic sheets, strips, tape, and extrusions. Printable, flexible-magnet products are ideal for signage, displays, advertising and commercial printing.

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You will partner with a world-class design and engineering team and there is no challenge too large or too unique. Our partnership method creates a seamless integration with your team. We bring some of our brightest minds into your design process to produce the best possible magnetic solution for your product, regardless of the industry.

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  • ISO 9001:2015
  • Registered AS 9100 Rev D


We work with you to design systems that will perform to your specifications. Our engineers focus on total system performance and often make design optimization recommendations to achieve higher performance and to improve manufacturability. From permanent magnets to complex magnetic assemblies, our advanced materials, world-class manufacturing capabilities and diversified engineering talent provide you with comprehensive solutions for your application.

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Magnosphere is a GERMAN-based corporation, with several locations in the US. We leverage global resources, bringing vital materials and technologies to our customers in the Automotive, Medical, Aerospace & Defense sector. Our focus is on design, R&D and manufacturing of all types of magnetic materials, magnetic assemblies, and functional magnetic modules. Through vertical integration we provide one stop and turnkey solutions which makes working with Magnosphere a win-win for our customers, while receiving world-class services and products.

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Find what you need in our extensive library. Providing a one-stop solution for magnetic materials through vertical integration, focusing on high-end magnetic application components, functional modules and finished products. Magnosphere global magnet manufacturing locations have the personnel, skills, tools, machinery and materials to produce precision magnetic systems to print, or custom design. Our vertically integrated processes streamline your project schedule.

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High Temperature Superconductor(HTSC) YBCO, as the next generation of industrial permanent magnet, is up to 10 times higher than current rare earth permanent magnet in magnetic field performance. This special ceramic material reaches an operating temperature 90K at 77K liquid nitrogen, which is found to be applied in automation technology/flywheel energy storage/motor/generator/maglev/medical/ aerospace. With a demand of next stronger permanent magnet from high-end users, we will own a huge HTSC market.

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Understanding Permanent Magnet Operating characteristics: New Dy/Tb Diffusion Process for NdFeB. As an important part of new materials, rare earth permanent magnet materials are widely used in energy, transportation, machinery, medical treatment, IT, home appliances, and other industries. Such as manufacturing various permanent magnetic motors, taptic engine, permanent magnet meters, electronics, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), audio equipment, magnetic therapy equipment, and etc. The products distribute in lot of fields of national economy.

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